A psychedelic adventure is often experienced as life changing. We certainly feel that every time during and after a psychedelic journey.

Every psychedelic journey is different, so beforehand you never know what you are going to face. And what it takes for you to integrate that experience into your daily life.


How do you take that life changing experience into your daily life?

Well, as soon as you ask that question, you’re already blocking yourself. A ‘how’ question comes from the mind and integration is not only through the mind. It is an integration into your entire ‘system’, not just your mind and your body, you’re more than that. Actually, your mind could better get out of the way in order to integrate you psychedelic journey.

We can assist you in the right ‘mindset’ in order to bring the changes in your perception into your daily life.


It can also happen that your (trauma)healing continues after the psychedelic experience, so you’re dealing with (overwhelming) emotions, physical illness, pain or an overloaded system. It is all part of your journey to letting in love and compassion for all parts of life.

Here we can also assist to help you through these confusing times.


What Renate experienced after her first psychedelic journey, was that she could suddenly very vividly experience energies in her bedroom of spirits/guides/deceased people/aliens. This is also something that can happen, that you open up to the ether, the ‘unseen realms’. This can be very scary (at first).

We can both assist you to navigate these (new) kind of experiences and feel more safe and at ease.


€70,- per hour

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