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What psilocybin does, is opening you up to parts of yourself you have been cut off from. There is a lot more in your subconscious than you realize and psilocybin opens the gateway to your subconscious.

Once you’re able to access your subconscious again, you can change perspectives and change your limiting beliefs, because you can enter universal truth.

The psilocybin we use come from the magic Truffle, which works the same as the psilocybin mushrooms. The truffles are legal in the Netherlands.

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Psilohuasca and/or psilocybin

We combine magic truffles (psilocybin) with a MAOi, a component of ayahuasca. This component enhances and elongates the workings of psilocybine, and creates more of a journey.

The MAOi creates a wave-like movement in your psilocybin journey, which makes it possible to dive even deeper with each wave. Therefore, you can explore even more of your subconscious, and if you want: the universe, during a psilohuasca journey.

We usually offer psilohuasca during weekend retreats with two ceremonies. However, it is also very much possible to skip the MAO and choose for only psilocybin instead.

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Most people experience a psychedelic experience as life changing and it can feel strange to go back to your normal daily routine. And after a few months, when you have found yourself back in your daily routine, it can sometimes seem as if nothing has changed.

Having our own experiences with plant medicine, we know the importance of integration. It is key to understand how to implement your psychedelic experiences into your daily life.

Whether you’ve had your psychedelic experience with us or not, that doesn’t matter. We are open to help anyone who needs guidance for their integration.

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