Many people live their life in a state of battle. They are trying to get it right, trying to get to a place of contentment or trying to be okay. When someone asks how they are doing, they answer: “Not bad”, or “It’s been worse”. We believe life can be different for everybody.

Our mission is to help people to truly start loving life again. To experience really feeling alive, full of love and joy, instead of struggling, fighting and surviving. This is a process of opening up to life, and to stop defending yourself from it.

To open up to life, it is needed to stop fighting feelings of guilt, shame, self-rejection, fear or just a general sense of discomfort. Only when we stop and face whatever lies within us, we can process these old emotions and stored traumas, and we can stop fighting. If we don’t do that, we live out of compensation to make sure not to feel these feelings. Life becomes a battle.


Psilocybin therapy can help you to face and process whatever is blocking you from your joyful expression in life. It can also help you gain new perspectives on yourself, life and what you want to do in it. True alignment of what you do with who you really are starts taking place when you remove the blockages inside.

Psilocybin can also be really joyful, and bring a sense of peace, bliss and can help you experience there is more love than you have ever felt before. It can also help you experience oneness with the universe and experience that everything is connected. A sense of wholeness can follow.

People that have visited us already describe the effects of psilocybin therapy as:
– A life-changing experience
– More clarity
– A sense of direction that is aligned with what you love and who you are
– Feeling a weight has lifted
– Feeling more love for yourself and the people and nature around you
– A sense of contentment
– Feeling grateful for life
– Being less blocked in your expression, your work and in your creativity
– Feeling less resistant and more joyful for things you have to do
– A deep comfort in knowing that life is here to help you and not to work against you
– Emotional healing on a deep level and physical healing


– A comfortable and safe environment, where you feel safe enough to release your traumas or blockages
– Professional guidance when you’re struggling or when you’re afraid of a ‘bad’ trip and help you get through it and gain the gold that’s hiding behind your fears
– Instructions on how to get the most out of your journey
– Support before, during and after your ceremony
– Honesty, presence, love and acceptance
– Sound healing/voice healing/light language activations
– Optional follow-up guidance and/or integration coaching


– A pickup from a closeby train station
– Before drinking the Psilocybin tea, I make you feel at ease and give instructions on how to get the most out of the journey
– When the journey starts, I sometimes give a guided meditation or some breathwork to help you ease into your journey. After that, music is being played to assist you. The journey takes about 4 hours.
– Some juice, soup and bread to energize the body. We talk about your experiences and advice on how to integrate them.
– Departure and drop-off at nearby train station

The total duration is about 7 hours.

The day usually starts at 10:00 in the morning and ends at 17:00 (5 pm).


€450,- for an individual one-day retreat with one of us

€700,- for a duo/couple one-day retreat with one of us

€ 900,- for a group of 3 friends/acquaintances one-day retreat with one of us

€ 1100,- for a group of 4 friends/acquaintances one-day retreat with one of us

It is possible to book both of us as guides, which will cost extra. Ask us for possibilities.


Before we can fully confirm your booking, we require an intake procedure which consists of filling in an intake form, and a +- 1 hour intake call in which we can get to know each other, talk about your specific case and answer any questions you might still have.

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